Snowden: Stuxnet was developed by NSA and Israel

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Malware 2.0: Stuxnet explained by Paula Januszkiewicz

Der Spiegel interview with Snowden

The script kiddies are of the past and Stuxnet, the malware that was hated like the plaque by Iran, illustrated that a new era of malware production was immanent. In the wake of the Snowden whistle blowing, the German magazine ,,Der Spiegel” (The mirror) will reveal in an interview with Snowden that Stuxnet was an enterprise undertaken by the NSA and the Israeli government. This PDF (German) explains it all.



Stuxnet made use of a number of vulnerabilities in Windows and the designers did that in a complex but totally logic way. It is especially interesting to see how Stuxnet uses every possible way to get around security in Windows XP. For nerds, the way Stuxnet works shows how security can be breached in almost every environment thinkable. Erie? Just watch this video of security expert Paula Januszkiewicz, recorded on the Microsoft TechDays 2013, the Netherlands.


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