OpenSDx Summit 2014: Nexenta is after the Legacy Storage vendors

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2014 OpenSDx Summit rattles up the legacy storage snakes

Watch Tarkan Maner, CEO Nexenta, open the #OpenSDx 2014Summit (camera: Acer A1 830)

If you have stock in NetApp or EMC, reconsider your stock position asap because Nexenta is going to beat up the bushes an rattle the legacy storage snakes tremendously. Nexenta`s outspoken CEO and investor Tarkan Maner, made that very clear at the 2014 OpenSDx Summit in the Hilton Doubletree hotel in Amsterdam the Netherlands.

Storage by tradition is one of the most costly components of computing. SDx, Software defined anything is going to change that dramatically. Nexenta is one of the leading companies in that field. Nexenta┬┤s success is based on a couple of pillars. One is the fact that legacy and coostly hardware ca be replaced by standard hardware like SuperMicro Dell or Quanta.

The second cost reducing factor is the software only architecture. No closed environments but Open Source software in a hybrid customer setting where you can start for free using the community version of an open source product and changing to a healthy SLA contract when you go into production.


VMware, market leader in virtualization is a strong supporter of Nexenta and Nexenta has a range of possibilities for VMware sysadmins. At the OpenSDx summit VMware in the person of Spencer Pitts emphazised that VMware is evoluating towards end User computing where VMware is usually associated with dataccenters. This is a trend thatshuld not be underestimated. Manigig the end use experience is a costly affair and the alliance between VMware and Nexenta can drive downcosts of computing tremendously.

Spencer Pitts at the OpenSDx Summit 2014

Spencer Pitts at the OpenSDx Summit 2014

Spencer Pitts talking aboout VMware and Nexenta



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