Open Source Conference 2013, Beurs van Berlage Amsterdam

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The times that Open Source Software was looked upon as something for geeks only are long gone. Open source has now a pervasive presence in virtually every aspect of business computing. The Amsterdam Open Source conference is one of the European gatherings where professionals exhibit their latest developments. Founded by Red Hat and Accenture, the last conference was co-sponsored by names as IBM and HP, indicating the interest of the established IT community

The new economy

,,Growing business demands – for web and mobile, big data, and end-user services – are forcing IT to change. The rules of business are changing. Everyone has to do more – while still cutting costs. Every part of your organization needs scalable, responsive IT systems that don’t inhibit innovation and your traditional infrastructure has to be fast and flexible to support today’s (and tomorrow’s) workloads. You want to be ready for new opportunities as they come along.´´

This mantra of the new economy that open source enables was highlighted in the 2012 conference in an excellent manner by speakers as Neelie kroes, EU Commissioner and Harry van Dorenmalen, Chairman IBM Europe. When you doubt that Open Source is a serious business, just take  a look at this video´s, recorded at the Open Source conference 2012. For a broad look at the open source discussion see the round table discussion video on open source.

Neelie Kroes

Neelie Kroes:,, ICT is developing in a breathtaking pace, from the incredible smartphones to the opportunities of cloud computing. There are more innovative products and services out there. There are huge benefits of open source and open standards. When software is not based on open technologies, it is harder to let them work together , to modify and customize them and harder to change providers. In fact, the cost of closed ICT systems is estimated at several hundred million a year for  the public sector alone.”

Open Source Conference 2012: Neelie Kroes on Open Source and Open Standards

Harry van Dorenmalen

Technology has never been more important for business, and Linux and other open technologies have been at the forefront of solving IT challenges over the past decade. In this presentation, Harry van Dorenmalen will review the impact of open computing on the data center and the reasons for its success. In this video he will also discuss three key open technologies that will influence the next era of computing — open virtualization, big data, and the open cloud.

Open Source Conference 2012: Harry van Dorenmalen, Chairman IBM Europe 


When you want a quick overview of multipe points of view on open source, have a look at this round table discussion moderated by Peter Keijzer, From left to right: Rajiv Sodhi, General Manager Red Hat Benelux, Brian Cornell – Regional Director Central Europe Red Hat, Herbert Smals – Marketing Brand Manager Enterprise at Dell, Paul de Vin – Director Enterprise Computing Benelux IBM, Adam Burden – Executive Director Cloud Application & Platform Services, Accenture.

Peter Keijzer: “Open source has grown up and companies like IBM, Dell, Accenture are embracing technologies of Red Hat and others. That is a major step forward and will change the ICT landscape.”

The 2013 Open Source Conference

,,The conference will show you how to take full advantage of open source technology solutions, from delivering innovative and open IT services to cost savings and staying competitive. Senior international speakers will give you their global perspective on key innovations and technology trends.

Hear Gartner speak about the Nexus of Forces (the convergence of information, social computing, mobility and cloud) shaping the Digital Economy and providing a huge opportunity (and challenge) for IT departments.

Attend business sessions, technical sessions, client cases and demonstrations that focus on Cloud, Big Data, Mobile and Social as well as additional topics such as OpenShift, Business Analytics, Storage and Security. During the breaks the information market provides you with the opportunity to discuss your challenges and IT issues with important players on the open source market and network with your peers.´´


High level keynote presentations from among others:

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