Nexenta and other leading IT vendors act as host at the OpenSDx EMEA Summit

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Nexenta and other leading IT vendors act as host at the SDx event around Software Defined Infrastructure and the open source revolution

OpenSDx Summit

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Nexenta, (@ Nexenta ), the provider of Software Defined Storage ( SDS ) solutions, will act as host of the OpenSDx Summit EMEA ( ) (@ OpenSDx ). This event will take place on April 9 at the Doubletree Hotel near Amsterdam Central Station.



The OpenSDx EMEA Summit (formerly the OpenStorage Summit) is now synonymous with the OpenStorage movement, which remains strongly represented. Mobility, social media and Big Data storage are now a top priority for CIOs . OpenStorage aims to restrict rising storage costs to improve efficiency of innovation and competitive positioning. During the OpenSDx Summit analysts, end users, resellers and technology experts will discuss the enormous opportunities that this major trend entails.

During the Summit OpenSDx Nexenta will give the floor to major opinion leaders within the industry like IDC that give meaning to the term ,,software defined´´. In addition, there are examples of successful implementations at end user level, technical discussions on new products, solutions and the latest market and industry developments.

Tarkan Maner, who chairs Nexenta, is taking on Mess, Massively Expensive Storage Systems. In his opinion, Enterprises are locked into storage as never before and Nexenta´s Software Defined Storage systems are going to end that asap. Just watch him on this video, shot at the CloudStack conference 2013.

Tarkan Maner and Monika den Os on MESS

Video: Tony Thijs /

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