Microsoft TechDays Netherlands: Get up to date and flourish

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The Microsoft TechDays in the World Forum conference center, The Hague, The Netherlands is one of the highlights for European developers to get updated on the newest developments.

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Virtual Labs

Knowledge is all in development and the Visual Studio Lab will update you on Agile Planning, Team Collaboration, Application Qualtiy/Test. There are more then 24 Labs and lots of theme sessions available. Tooling is another important component of a developer ecosystem. Be sure to visit the PDS boot. If you understand Dutch, watch this video of Coert Bosker, founder of PDS.

Coert Bosker, PDS

Earlier Techdays show that Microsoft is reinventing itself as no other company has done before. The TechDays offer a wide variety of lectures and networking possibilities for developers and sysadmins at a more then reasonable price. What to think of a lecture on Stuxnet that I witnessed last year and pleased many by recording that session on video for the youtube/OpenMarketingTV. Have a look yourself.

As the world turns

As the world turns Microsoft has adopted open source technogies wholeheartedly. At the Hadoop Summit 2014 Microsoft showed their effort in this field where developers can ,,best of breed´´architectures with Microsoft SQL Server and Hadoop. Hadoop was ported to Windows by HortonWorks that supports this distribution in a truly open source way. Deveolpers can have access to the code and distribution while Enterprises can be assured of a truly Enterprise ready SLA. Further expect to be updated at the Techdays on big data, the latest of HTML techniques and many more interesting subjects.



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