Author: Tony Thijs

OpenSDx Summit 2014: Nexenta is after the Legacy Storage vendors

2014 OpenSDx Summit rattles up the legacy storage snakes Watch Tarkan Maner, CEO Nexenta, open the #OpenSDx 2014Summit (camera: Acer A1 830) If you have stock in NetApp or EMC, reconsider your stock position asap because Nexenta is going to

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Microsoft TechDays Netherlands: Get up to date and flourish

The Microsoft TechDays in the World Forum conference center, The Hague, The Netherlands is one of the highlights for European developers to get updated on the newest developments. For more information: Virtual Labs Knowledge is all in development and the

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Nexenta and other leading IT vendors act as host at the OpenSDx EMEA Summit

Nexenta and other leading IT vendors act as host at the SDx event around Software Defined Infrastructure and the open source revolution OpenSDx Summit Amsterdam, the Netherlands Nexenta, (@ Nexenta ), the provider of Software Defined Storage ( SDS ) solutions, will act as

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Microsoft announces new CEO Satya Nadella

Bill Gates steps up to new role as Technology Advisor; John Thompson assumes role as Chairman of Board of Directors. Satya Nadella This morning Microsoft announced that its Board of Directors has selected Satya Nadella as the company’s new Chief

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Open Source Conference 2013, Beurs van Berlage Amsterdam

Register for the free Open Source Conference -dec. 6- on: Follow us on @openmarketingTV #osc2013 The times that Open Source Software was looked upon as something for geeks only are long gone. Open source has now a pervasive presence

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First European Cloudstack Conference, 20-22 November

Leading users, developers and strategists meet in Amsterdam Follow us: @openmarketingtv #ccceu13 Cloud is gaining momentum big time and CloudStack is one of the leading open source platforms for building and managing clouds. From 20 to 22 November leading European cloud developers

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Smart marketing, the Acer way

Acer reliability promise: 50% refund on broken notebooks Follow us on @openmarketingTV I first read about marketing in the seventies of the past millennium. Since then I visited many press conferences and honestly, most of the times I was rather

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Snowden: Stuxnet was developed by NSA and Israel

Malware 2.0: Stuxnet explained by Paula Januszkiewicz Der Spiegel interview with Snowden The script kiddies are of the past and Stuxnet, the malware that was hated like the plaque by Iran, illustrated that a new era of malware production was

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Acer Liquid E2 smartphone road test, Stichting Kids at Play

Video: Tony Thijs / Open Marketing Foundation De nieuwste generatie smartphones van Acer heeft camerafuncties die er mogen wezen. Hier een opname met de nieuwe Liquid E2 Smartphone van de woordvoerder van de stichting Kids at Play. Deze sympathieke stichting

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Red Hat: RHEV 3.2 released

Red Hat, leverancier van opensourceoplossingen, kondigt de wereldwijde beschikbaarheid aan van Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.2, met volledige ondersteuning van Storage Live Migration en een nieuw third-party plug-in framework. Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization -RHEV- is onderdeel van de open hybrid

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Goodbye NSA with Raspberry PI

The Raspberry PI has many qualities and ADAFRUIT added a WiFi TOR proxy to this little wonder that routes all your traffic through TOR anonymously. All you need is a Raspberry PI and a WiFi adator to create the Onion

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