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About Open Marketing Foundation


The Open Marketing Foundation recognizes and acts upon the demand for new marketing concepts like Social Media, suitable for bringing new technologies to the market like Artificial Intelligence, open standards, open source, open data and open content. This while leveraging current investments, knowledge models and the demand for a secure and well managed procurement and exploitation of Information Technology assets.


The OMF aims at improving the quality of product development, marketing, marketing communication and public information in particular, around, amon others, open data, open standards and open source to the purpose of a more interoperable, productive, transparent, synergistic and emancipatory information society by producing publicly available information.


  1. Exploitation of news and discussion sites concerning IT
  2. Active engagements in innovative technology assessments.
  3. Creating public information and technology transfer projects concerning open data, open source software and open standards.
  4. Supporting open technology companies.
  5. The development of educational pilot projects.
  6. Product development concerning managed open software appliance environments.
  7. Sustainable information management systems research.
  8. The continuing development and implementation of an open source escrow model
  9. The production of open courseware

For more information: omfinfo@xs4all.nl

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