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Is Kubernetes going to save Mother Earth?

The year 2019 is on its end and an interesting year for Information Technology is nearing. The year 2020 will be the year in which the available IT technologies like the Cloud and Artificial Intelligence will be broadening it’s scopes and offerings for Enterprise Computing and beyond.

One of the most promising technologies of Enterprise Computing is without any doubt the Open Sourced Kubernetes -, K8s for short- software container management environment in the Cloud.

I met Kubernetes at the CNCF -Cloud Native Computing Foundation- 2018 Kubecon  / Cloudnative Con conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. The CNCF board members like the seasoned Chris Aniszczyk and speakers emphasized their joy about the growth of the KubeCon number of visitors from 500 to 1500.

 Chris Aniszczyk at the KubeCon 2018

The potential

Now the next KubeCon in Amsterdam the Netherlands is expected to have 10000 visitors. Be there! At all the IT conferences I visited from Microsoft, Google, IBM and AWS -Amazon Web Services- Kubernetes and it’s siblings Prometheus -Cloud monitoring-, Istio -Service management- and a host of new modules were the talk of the day.

The IBM 2019 AI / Cloud Summit was very concrete about the potential of the Kubernetes environment and the way Red Hat and IBM have integrated this technologies with CoreOS in the Red Hat OpenShift Paas offering.

CoreOS, is an Immutable Kernel that ads a high level of security and according to CoreOS founder Brandon Phillips, enables Hybrid Cloud Computing like no other environment. Together with Red Hat’s OpenShift as a multi-cloud environment, a solution is created that will especially appealing to the online customer facing production websites of enterprise scale.

Brandon Phillips at the KubeCon 2019 in Copenhagen

Computing on demand

To cope with peak demand most of these websites have to keep around 95 % of their computing capacity in reserve.  New technologies as Kubernetes and Red Hat’s OpenShift reduce the need for the better part of these reserves by providing an advanced and flexible Computing on demand environment.

So even if only 50% of the potential savings are realized in a trajectory of digital transformation, this can reduce the CO2 load produced by datacenters in a way that is totally in line with the current awareness of our environmental awareness.

So is the cloud going to save Mother Earth? Yes and No. The technologies are there but the path to awarenes is long nd winding. Change managers summarize the problem neatly. Most people consider change as frightening. In the eyes of the beholder change means that they have been doing something wrong up to the point of change for the better.

This is a serious problem that prevents large corporations from leveraging new computing technologies. So, the technology is there and the only thing that needs  changing to contribute to the environmental goals are the mindsets of corporate board members. An oversee-able perspective

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